Bermuda Triangle

Have you guys heard of the Bermuda Triangle? If you haven’t the Bermuda Triangle is an area in the Atlantic Ocean that stretches from Florida to Puerto Rico to Bermuda. This area of the ocean is responsible for the disappearances of many ships and planes.

I have been studying the Bermuda Triangle for the last couple of weeks. One theory that a lot of scientists agree on is that there are hexagonal clouds over this area of the ocean. These hexagonal clouds are like real air bombs made of micro bursts. When the air hits the water the waves go as high as thirty feet, enough to sink a ship or knock a plane out of the sky. These hexagonal clouds are between twenty to fifty five miles large. There are a lot of other theories such as Aliens, sea monsters and even water spouts.

Here is a video that I used for my research, if you want to watch it click here.