Tech post #4

Today our do now was on the chromebook, we had to make a circuit where two light bulbs light up. We had to make it so that if one light bulb turned off, the other one won’t turn off. Later on we actually got to make a series circuit, in real life!!! At first I could not get it to turn on, but later on I figured out my wires were lose. Eventually I got it to work, even my switch started to work. Tech was really fun today. I never imagined I would get a light bulb to actually light up, but I actually did.

Technology post #3

Today we started to learn about circuits. The word circuits comes from the word circuit. Our do now was really cool, on the chromebook we had to create a circuit that made a lightbulb turn on. We learned how to make the lightbulb turn on, it was really cool. I even made 4 lightbulbs light up. We learned that resistors help slow down the electrons, this makes sure our light bulbs donĀ“t catch on fire. Because if the electrons move to fast then the batteries will catch on fire. I thought it was really cool. Technology is a really fun class.

Technology post #2

Today we learned about atoms, protons, and neutrons. Protons are positively charged. Electrons are negatively charged. And neutrons are are neutral. We also learned that you can keep on splitting things for ever. Nuclear bombs are made by splitting an atom. We also learned about the periodic table on The periodic table shows all the different types of atoms. We learned about very interesting things, tech was really fun today.


Our first couple of days were really fun, we did an EDU breakout. If we opened the locks we got into the box and go the keys for the safety goggle cabinet. An EDU breakout is an activity where you have to find clues and try to open the locks on the bok. If we opened the box we got the key to the safety goggles.