Tech Post #7

Today we played a game with the three different switches we made. The game we played was called the switch card game. The rules of this game were bassically there were to people who flipped over two cards from two different decks. If there was a red card on the right on the right side then you would use the right switch. Same with the other side. If there were two red cards you would do the middle switch. If they were both black you would do nothing. If you had the fastest time, and the least mistakes, you would win.

Tech Post #6

We have also been working on three different switches, for a switch card game. We had to make three original switches, that worked in different ways. One of my switches was a classic switch, that was really easy to make. My second switch was also not that hard to make, but it took a really long time to make, and I used way to much hot glue, ( I also accidently ended up burning my hand really bad with the hot glue, and I was supposed to pitch the next day.) My third switch was really complicated, and har to make, I messed up twice so I had to make it again, and it took a really long time.

Tech Post #5

Recently we have been working on solder person. First we had to make the body and arms, then we had to solder them together. We made the body by twirling a five inch wire around about four times. It took me about five tries, it was really had to do. Then we had to shape our arms. After that I was ready to solder the body and arms together. First I had to out them on to the third arms, and then I had to clean the actual solder iron. After that I had to hold it to the part where I was going to connect it for 15 seconds, then I put the solder on, and it held them together. It ended up looking like really cool, I made it t-posing.