Tech Post #10

In the end Tech was really fun and enjoyable. We learned and did a bunch of very fun things. We started by learning about atoms, elcotrons, and protons. Then we learned about circuits. After that we got to make 3 different switches out of card board. Then we learned about bread boards. And finally we made flash light. Tech was my favorite quarterly and it was really fun.

Tech Post #9

A while ago me ad my friends made a pettition for playing the song Old Town Road by Lil Nas X. We got bassicaly the whole class to sign this pettition. And after a lot of persuading Mr. Calvert finally let us play it at the end of the class. It was really fun and exciting. This is just another one of the good thingsĀ  about Tech with Mr. Calvert.

Tech Post #8

Recently we have been working on making a flashlight from scratch. It was a really fun activity. The first step was to make a diagram of the flashlight. The flashlight needs to fit in this small carboard box. The second step was to cut the pipes to make them hower long it was in our diagram. After that the third step was to cut the wires to make them as long as they were in the diagram. After that we had to solder the wires, lightbulb, and switch together. Then using the drills we had to make holes for the switch and flashlight. Then all we had to is assemble it, and we were done.