Where Are The New Clash Royale Cards

Have you been wondering why it’s taking so long for the the Heal Spell (which is now coming out in six days), the Night Witch and the Bats to come out. Well SuperCell announced that days between each card to come out is changed from two weeks to three weeks.

Look at videos down below for more details.




Don’t forget to comment which card you want the most when they come out. I can’t wait for the Night Witch to come out. 

The New Heal Spell Draft Challenge Coming!

Have you heard of the new draft challenge coming up in Clash Royale. If you have tournaments then you get one free entry. Sadly you can’t play this challenge in friendly battles. For more information got to this website http://clash-royal-base.com/heal-draft-challenge-new-event-clash-royale/

And if you want to see game play for the Night Witch, Bats and the Heal Spell. You can see it in the vedio down below        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHJYLJgOxnk

Here are the stats of the Heal Spell   http://statsroyale.com/card/Heal

Epic Clashers (The Best Clan Ever)

Clash Royale is my favorite game. Do any of play Clash Royale? If you do, feel free to comment what arena you are on. I used to be on Builders Workshop but I dropped back down to Spell Valley. My favorite card right now is the Minion Horde. I have no legendaries, but the legendaries that I really want are Log, Sparky and Princess. On my two other accounts that I share with my twin brother, we are on Arena 1. Make sure you join our clan, its called Epic Clashers, and there are about 9 people and our logo is a red P.E.K.K.A. the best part about our clan (besides that we are awesome) is that the required number of trophies is zero so beginners can afford to join!! Thanks for reading this post, stay tuned for more posts about Clash Royale. And f you want to see the chests you are going to get from battle check out the website http://statsroyale.com/. Don’t forget to comment!

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