Debate #1 and 2

We did 2 debates. Both were on the same topic. Our topic was that should orca shows be banned? Me and Max think so. Meena and Jackson say yes. Actually, they say no but they had to do it only for the debate…. I think that ¬†our 2nd debate was way better than the 1st one. In the 1st one, I was nervous, and I said ‘um’ a lot. In the 2nd one, I wasn’t nervous. What we did to prepare was that we did mini debates. We had to know what order to go to .Person A had to tell our 1st reason for 3 minutes. Then Person B counter for 1 minute and tells the 1st reason for 3 minutes. Person C does the same things and tells the 2nd reason. Person D tells the 3rd reason and person A tells the conclusion. It was really confusing. Here are the videos:

This is the 1st one:
Here is the 2nd one:

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