Important Classroom Information

2016 – 2017 Class Special Schedule

Day A: Chorus / PE

Day B: PE

Day C: Spanish

Day D: Art

Day E: Spanish / Instrumental Music

Day F: Music

Fourth Grade Homework:

The Purpose of homework is to:

*Extend the school experience

*Allow students to organize their time

*Give students independent practice


Homework Policies:

  • Homework should take between 30 and 45 minutes plus an additional hour of reading each night. This typically includes writing an entry in the writer’s notebook, completing a math assignment, either science or social studies research, or reading and a reading response.
  • Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday and is not typically given over weekends or holidays.
  • Long term assignments will be given during the school year that will support and extend classroom work.
  • It is the child’s responsibility to let me know if s/he is completing the homework within these guidelines. They should also be responsible for communicating any problems they are having with their assignments.


Math Morning

Starting on TBD, and every TBD morning from 8:05 am to 8:45, I will be offering a “math workshop” to my classroom students. During this time I will be able to work in small groups with children on different math skills and concepts. If your child feels he/she could use any support in math or current projects, *** morning would be a great time to work with me in a small group setting. Students can also come to work independently on projects or assignments. It is a very flexible group with a very flexible purpose! Please encourage your child to attend (if necessary) with questions or just for some support. At times, I will encourage some students to come for a specific review. Attendance is completely voluntary and groups are very fluid. So, children can come when they want, and not when they choose not to.

I can’t wait to get started!