January 1

My Christmas

Hi guys I’m back! I will be telling you how I celebrate Christmas. We decorate a fake Christmas tree and hang a reef outside on the door in the days leading up to Christmas.

On Christmas Eve and Christmas day my grandma, aunt or uncle cook special food. My mom’s parents come over to dine with us. We eat in the dining room usually on special occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Other times we usually we eat in the kitchen.

Sometimes Juliet(she usually comes back) and I make brownies. I like to help set the table. Juliet and I believe in Santa Claus. So we leave out a cup of milk and a brownie on the piano bench in front of the Christmas tree. Once we left out some food, and the next morning we found the brownie’s corner eaten a little bit! We also found the milk’s cover(I had covered the top with aluminum foil) lifted up! Some of the milk was drunk!

A lot of people like receiving gifts from their parents, kids and Santa Claus. They also like giving gifts to their loved ones. I like doing that too. Do you like receiving and giving gifts?  

Christmas is my favorite holiday. What is yours? Let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “My Christmas

  1. lglik26

    Dear Victoria,
    I LOVE how you put in so many links. I also like how you said I like how you and your sister make brownies together. I think that it was confusing when you put the same link for ALL of the gifts. However I think that you had a great Christmas
    – Lucy

  2. kassatly

    Nice post, Victoria! My favorite holiday is Christmas, too. I love it because I love to see family and have great food, but mostly I love the decorations. I put a WREATH on each window in my house!


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