February 2

Nonfiction Reading Lesson

In school we took a nonfiction reading lesson. A teacher called Mr. DeBerry taught us how to be good readers. We worked with Ms. Berger’s class/4-B to do weather presentations. I worked with Liya (4-B) , Emma (4-A) , Katie (4-A) , Jalyn (4-A) , Peter (4-A) , Matthew (4-B) , Jack (4-B) and Taryn (4-B).

We all worked studied volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis.

Mr. DeBerry taught the two classes/ Ms. Berger’s and Ms. Assatly’s about craft technique, hooking the reader to a nonfiction book, if the book is reliable and many other things.

I think we worked well. Though a lot of our slides got deleted and we had to find out who did it. A lot of people accused each other of deleting each others slide. That wasn’t good.

We each had different subtopics. I worked how people measure volcanoes with Jalyn. I also worked on how people measure earthquakes and tsunamis by myself.

In earthquakes and tsunamis we had to think of a spark question. My spark question was: Do all earthquakes travel at the same speed and give the same destruction? When we presented we did our spark questions after we presented our subtopic.

My favorite part was presenting even though I was nervous. We presented I think I had a amazing team and lots of amazing presentations.

We also did a FLIPGRID thing which is also part of our presentation. The link that I put in the word FLIPGRID will lead you right to my flipgrid.


Here is the book that Mr.DeBerry used to teach us with.Image result for extreme weather by kathy furgang

Everything Weather by Kathy Furgang

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