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Juliet and I – Personal Essay

Some people think that having a sibling is annoying and bad. I wouldn’t exactly say the same thing. I would say having a sibling is complicated. It has ups and downs like a seesaw. Having siblings are actually not so bad. My sister Juliet (who is 13 years older than me. I am 9) stands up for me, keeps me company and always makes me happy.

Juliet stands up for me when I am in an argument. One time when I was having an argument with my parents downstairs. Juliet was upstairs working. She went downstairs to get water, when she heard us arguing in the living room. She went into the room and listened to us for a while. Then, unexpectedly (we didn’t see her enter the room.) said ,“Leave her alone!” and other things that made our parents argue back. Finally she said, ”Come on . Let’s get out of here.” I grabbed my phone and walked up the stairs with her. That is when Juliet stood up for me. This is only one reason why Juliet is such an amazing sibling to me.

Another reason why Juliet is such an amazing sibling is because she keeps me company. Sometimes when I am bored, have nothing to do, and have free time I would go to her room and hang out with her or she would come downstairs and ask me “Hey Vic. Do you want to come to my room?”. Of course when I am available to hang out with her I would jump up and say “ Sure!”. One time when I finished my work and had nothing to do, I asked my sister “Hey Ju Ju do you want to play?”. She responded by saying “Sure just one sec… okay what do you want to do?” I replied back, “Do you want to play microgolf? (it is a golf game on our phones. We are friends in the game so we can play against each other.) Juliet replied ,“Okay” while grabbing her phone. We would have a fun time playing micro golf and other games until we had to stop. That is when Juliet kept me company. She is a fun partner to play with.

Finally the most important reason is she always make me happy. When I am sad, mad or unhappy. That is good because you do not want to see me mad. Once, when I came home from some class (I do not know what class I went to but I can tell you it made me upset) tears were streaming down my face. “Vic!? Is that you!?” Juliet called to me. “Yeah……” I replied back gloomily. Juliet heard the sadness and gloominess in my voice “Are you-” she cut off as I shuffled into her room. “Are you okay?” she said again. I told her what had happened. She listened carefully like no one else would. She replied “Yeah that was very annoying/mean of them to do that.” usually others would say” Then just leave them alone.” or they wouldn’t pay attention and just say “Mhm”. Finally when we stopped discussing about it she would ask me, “Do you want to play?” I said, “Yes!” we would play until our mom called me. I yelled “Coming!” and ran down the stairs like nothing ever happened. That is when she makes me happy. My mom would be confused because she thought I was still upset. But thanks to Juliet I was back to normal.

Other people should care about this because siblings are not that bad. Sometimes they can be annoying, but I just gave you three reasons why Juliet is an amazing sibling. She stands up for me, keeps me company and always makes me happy. Even if I get mad at Juliet I will always love her. We are like cookies and milk. We go together very well. Without each other we are not as good. That is why siblings are not that bad.

My sister Juliet 

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  1. kassatly

    Victoria – This is an amazing essay. I love that you said having a sibling is complicated. I think so, too.


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