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Special Retinal Proteins May Be The Reason Birds Never Lose Their Way

Title:Special Retinal Proteins May Be The Reason Birds Never Lose Their Way

Source: Dogo News

Date: April 25, 2018

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In this article by Rachel Crowell she talks about how birds can navigate to food and members of their flock. Some people think that there might be specific molecules in the birds eyes. But then other people think that they have iron-rich cells in their beaks that made them be able to navigate their food and members of their flock.


The most recent research, (published on March 28, 2018) involved brains, muscles and the innermost coat of the posterior part of the eyeball that receives the image produced by the lens/ the retina of 39 zebra finch species. The team that figured this out was lead by a biologist named Pinzon-Rodriguez.

They “discovered the levels of some proteins of the cryptochrome class – Cry1 and Cry2 — also present in the eyes varied throughout the day, Cry4 was being continuously produced. This led the scientists to conclude it was responsible for guiding birds in the right direction.”


Scientists from the Institute of Biology and Environmental Sciences in Oldenburg, Germany got a similar conclusion but they used a different bird. They used the European Robin and found out that these birds have a consistent Cry4 , but the other bird had a still producing Cry4. Their study was published on , January 22, 2018.  They published it on Current Biology journal. They revealed that during the migratory, all bird’s protein increased while they are using their navigation skills.

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I choose this article because I like birds and animals and I have been wondering about this same thing. I also think that it is cool that two different groups of scientist got the similar answers from different birds.


2 diff scientists got the same answers from diff birds amazing but strange!! @dogonews VZ

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