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My Christmas


Hi guys I’m back! I will be telling you how I celebrate Christmas. We decorate a fake Christmas tree and hang a reef outside on the door in the days leading up to Christmas. On Christmas Eve and Christmas day my grandma, aunt or uncle cook special food. My mom’s parents come over to dine […]

Temperate Forest Food Web


  An ecosystem is when living and nonliving things interact with each other. An ecosystem is also like a food web. It is like a chain reaction. If one animal got extinct and there was no more of those animals, the whole ecosystem would fall apart. The animal that eats the extinct animal will die […]

The important thing about Sylvia Earle


The most important thing about Sylvia Earle is that she loved being underwater. She spent 7,000 hours underwater. She was first to dive alone to 381 meters. She is a fascinating woman and a great role model. She was born on August 30, 1935 in Gibbstown, New Jersey. People known for her research about marine […]

Hello Everyone!


Hello everyone! I am Victoria and I live in New York with my family. I am a fourth grader. I have an older sister. Guess how old she is and where she is? My older sister Juliet lives in San Francisco as she just graduated from college in the summer and started her first job […]

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