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When you have confidence you can do anything – Sloane Stephens

My Christmas


Hi guys I’m back! I will be telling you how I celebrate Christmas. We decorate a fake Christmas tree and hang a reef outside on the door in the days leading up to Christmas.

On Christmas Eve and Christmas day my grandma, aunt or uncle cook special food. My mom’s parents come over to dine with us. We eat in the dining room usually on special occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Other times we usually we eat in the kitchen.

Sometimes Juliet(she usually comes back) and I make brownies. I like to help set the table. Juliet and I believe in Santa Claus. So we leave out a cup of milk and a brownie on the piano bench in front of the Christmas tree. Once we left out some food, and the next morning we found the brownie’s corner eaten a little bit! We also found the milk’s cover(I had covered the top with aluminum foil) lifted up! Some of the milk was drunk!

A lot of people like receiving gifts from their parents, kids and Santa Claus. They also like giving gifts to their loved ones. I like doing that too. Do you like receiving and giving gifts?  

Christmas is my favorite holiday. What is yours? Let me know in the comments!

Temperate Forest Food Web



An ecosystem is when living and nonliving things interact with each other. An ecosystem is also like a food web. It is like a chain reaction. If one animal got extinct and there was no more of those animals, the whole ecosystem would fall apart. The animal that eats the extinct animal will die with no food, then so on. Temperate forests are usually located in United States, Canada, Europe, China, Japan, and parts of Russia. Deciduous forests are broken up into five zones. The first zone is the tree stratum zone.


Producers are plants that consumers eat. They are always the start of a food web or chain.


Consumers are animals that eat producers/plants or other animals. Consumers are always second to last in the food web or chain.


Decomposers eat dead animals and plants. Some decomposers are bacteria and fungi. Decomposers are always last in the food web or chain.


The important thing about Sylvia Earle


The most important thing about Sylvia Earle is that she loved being underwater. She spent 7,000 hours underwater. She was first to dive alone to 381 meters. She is a fascinating woman and a great role model. She was born on August 30, 1935 in Gibbstown, New Jersey. People known for her research about marine algae. She discovered many parts of the ocean. She held the world record for the deepest untethered dive. She led many undersea expeditions over her career. She researched in many places like the Bahamas, China and Galapagos Islands. Between 1990 and 1992 she was the chief scientist at the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the first woman to serve in that position. But the most important thing about Sylvia Earle is that she loved being underwater.


“By knowing the plants, you get some feel for how the whole system works,” – Sylvia Earle



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Hello Everyone!


Hello everyone!

I am Victoria and I live in New York with my family. I am a fourth grader. I have an older sister. Guess how old she is and where she is? My older sister Juliet lives in San Francisco as she just graduated from college in the summer and started her first job there. As a result I do not get to see her very often. I miss her very much.

I love sports and my favorite sport is tennis. I play tennis two to three times a week. Two weeks ago I had my very first tournament in orange ball level 2 after having learned how to play tennis for about just 7 months. You probably have guessed the result – I lost the tournament to my competitors who played tennis for more than four years. I was a bit sad but I am looking forward to my next matches! Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena William and Sloane Stephens are my role models for tennis. When I grow up, I want to be like them.

I also like swimming. I have been a member of Badger swim team since last year. Kate, Sophia and Heather are on the team too. I often participate in swim meets. Sometimes I win my heat. Once I won my heat for 50 yard breaststroke and one for 25 yard butterfly. I love relays because the whole team work together. Once our relay team finished first, but one of us did something wrong and got us disqualified. Do you love swimming too? What is your favorite sport?

My favorite animals are puppies. They are cute, fluffy and soft. They can be very strong. Once I got bitten by one when I was younger. But I still love them. What is your favorite animal?

My favorite food is sushi. California rolls to be exact. I love how they have crab, avocado and cucumbers. They are so yummy! The best part is that they have rice and seaweed! I love seaweed. I also like kiwi. It is sometimes sweet and sometimes sour. I like food that is sweet and sour. What type of food do you like?

So much for this post. I will mainly post about tennis, swimming and books that I like. Feel free to comment if you want me to post anything specific. Thank you for reading this post. See you next post!

Bye! 😀

  • Victoria



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