My Colonial Book Reflection

Writing my colonial book was a great experience. My topic was The Life of a Colonial Boy. There was a lot of studying and a lot of typing. Me and a partner checked our books a few times and I got some interesting feedback. I took this feedback and got to work. I used books to research such as Colonial Life. I also used Colonial Williamsburg a website about a town called Colonial Williamsburg, a town designed to be exactly like The Colonial town Williamsburg in Colonial times. After studying and taking tons of notes in an organizing book I started writing my book. This took a long time. My chapters were pretty long and had a lot of information but the 3rd chapter was the longest. After I finished the 3rd chapter I kind of wanted to change it to a diary instead of a day but then all that time making the chapter would be for nothing so I kept it at a day. I had a little trouble with the essay, the fourth chapter. It took a long time to come up with the three reasons in the essay. I had a lot of fun in this project.