5th Grade Year

This year has been incredibly fun and actually easier than I expected it to be. We have gone through many fun activities including rocketry, math projects, field trips and many more things.

My favorite project this year was the rocketry unit. It required a lot of work and group collaboration. Building the first rocket was extremely hard. We had no clue what to do and we didn’t have any idea of what would work or not. The first rocket was my favorite to make because of these reasons. The 2nd and 3rd rockets were much easier to make and they did a lot better.

5th Grade has been an amazing experience so far. It has been my favorite year since a while ago. Though it’s really fun I’m really relieved that break is here.



Rocketry Presentations

Today my rocketry group had our presentation in front of our parents on our whole rocketry unit. The unit lasted from September to today. This morning before the presentation I was really nervous because last night when I was practicing I kept messing up. If I keep messing up practicing with myself then good luck presenting in front of the parents. Today while the 5E rocketry overview group and Rocket’s inc team were presenting, my nervousness kept on building up and up. When my group’s turn came up I walked over to the screen and then turned around to see the parents. That moment is probably the moment I was most nervous. As my group members were talking and as my turn to talk came closer I dreaded it more and more. When my turn came I started talking and amazingly the words came out perfectly. Soon, I got into an unstoppable flow and time flew by. Before I knew it, I had finished my first 3 slides. We went through the our second rocket slides and my next slide was the first of the third rocket slides. Now I was full of confidence and sure enough I did well on that slide, too. I felt like a machine. Finally, when I finished the slideshow with my last slide and when the audience applauded I felt really happy and it was a great moment for me. I learned an important lesson from this experience. It is, it is ok to be nervous because you’ll always do great no matter what. Here is the video of my presentation: