Rube Goldberg #5

Matthew and I have just made a very big decision. Most of the steps we tried over and over and over but they just weren’t working. We decided to start our whole project over. We started from scratch. We had to come up with a good task quickly. We decided that our ending would be to have a string pull the light off which plays Happy Birthday. The way we get it to play Happy Birthday is we program a snap circuits project to play Happy Birthday whenever it get’s dark. This time we are being more organized about our thinking and are going step by step. We have built most of the steps already. My favorite step is the zip line. The way we set this step up is we tied a long piece of string to the hinge of the door and then pull the string as far as can go. Then we tape it to a block. We put a smaller string around the zip line and then tied the ends of it to a little basket. We pulled the basket to the top of the zip line and then put string around it and taped the string on both sides of the wall. This string helps the basket stay in place. Then we put a hook around the string holding the basket in place. Then we tied a string to the hook and tied the other side of the string to a ball. Now if you drop the ball from up high it will pull the hook down which will pull the string that’s holding the basket in place down. Now the basket will go down the zip line. Read my next blog post to read about how are Rube Goldberg worked. You can also see the video!


Rube Goldberg #4

Matthew and I have made a few more steps. One of the steps we’ve made is the step that will start the Rube Goldberg out. To make this we cut two long tubes in half so we had four mini ramps. We placed a domino at the end of the first ramp so that when we rolled a marble down the ramp it will hit the domino. We attached a string to the domino and tied the other end of the string to another domino. Then we put the second domino at the top of the second ramp which is facing the same way as the first ramp. We did this process the same way a few more times. When we had everything set up we placed a marble at the top of each ramp(except the first one)so they would get blocked by the domino.

What’s going to happen in this step is we are going to roll a marble down the first ramp. The marble will hit into the domino which will fall and pull away the domino at the top of the second ramp which will release another marble down the ramp which will knock a domino off that ramp which will pull away a domino at the top of the third ramp which will release the marble down the ramp. The next step will then start. Read my next blog post to see how me and Matthew are doing.


Rube Goldberg #3

So far me and Matthew have built 2 of the steps. One of the steps we’ve built is the ozobot step. The ozobot is a little robot that you can control with different colors. For example, a black line would program the ozobot to go strait. The way me and and Matthew got the step to work is because we found out a very helpful thing. If there is something in front of the ozobot the ozobot will sense it and stop before it. Then it will turn around and go the other way. All we have to do is put a domino in front and behind the ozobot. In the actual Rube Goldberg a string will pull the front domino away and the ozobot will go. Here is the video we took of the step:

Another step we’ve built is a lot simpler. All we had to do to complete it was tape lincoln logs onto a cornhall target. When we were taping them on we made sure to alternate between where they were facing. It looks like something like this:
Image result for marble going on ramps from one side to the other

We are going to make one of those ramps flat and then put a pool ball at the edge of it so when we drop the ping pong ball it will go down the ramps and then barely hit the pool ball off the Lincoln log

. Then the pool ball will roll down the rest of the Lincoln Logs then start the next step. Here is the video of this step.

We won’t actually drop the ping pong ball in the real Rube Goldberg. In the real Rube Goldberg there will be a block in front of the ball which will get pulled away sending the ball down the maze of ramps.

So far our Rube Goldberg has been going great and we’re making very good progress. In a few weeks you can read my blog posts which explain how we finished building our Rube Goldberg and how it worked.


Rube Goldberg #2

After me and Matthew found what our simple task would be we began the sketch. The first sketch we drew we knew was going to be a sloppy copy. It was just to help us get the feel for it. We had to make a few different sketches because when we were in the middle of drawing it we would realize that we wanted to add a different step to the beginning. Once we perfected the sketch that we would be using we looked at it very proudly. Now we just had to label everything but wasn’t to hard. When we were done it looked very good. While we were making the sketch we were also building a few of the steps at the same time.


Rube Goldberg #1

Me and my friend Matthew are doing our Rube Goldberg project together. A Rube Goldberg is a machine with chain reactions performing a simple task.  The first day we met we started brainstorming ideas for our simple task. Our first idea was to turn off the light. But when we tried it the light didn’t have a strong enough effect. For a while me and Matthew were stumped. We were clueless. Finally we came up with an idea that we both liked. We were to make a water bottle fall onto a little shelf so Matthew’s sister Maya can reach it. She won’t be thirsty for a little while!