Today my group and I performed our final debate. We were debating over if we should protect sharks from humans or humans from sharks. Me and my teammate Eli wanted to take the side of protecting sharks from humans. But the other team, Giana and Will chose it first. So me and Eli were stuck with protecting the humans from the sharks.

While we were gathering information on the topic to prepare for the final debate we found that it was very hard to find good evidence. We had to go through a great number of articles and websites to find what we were looking for. Meanwhile the other team was gathering information in the blink of an eye. Things weren’t looking so good.

Before the final debate we did some practice debates. Two of which were in front of the class. On the 2nd one in front of the class we realized that we were very sloppy. We were not following the organizer(which tells us when to say our reasons)and we would go back and forth countering the same reason why yelling at each other. The debate was in under a week. We needed to whip into shape, and fast.

Two days before the final debate Giana got sick. She wasn’t there the next day either. Because of this my team was two days short. But then Giana showed up the next day. That’s when we she dropped a bomb on us. She told us that we would be debating today. But we weren’t ready at all. We practiced the two quick times before the debate.

“Chomp, goes the shark as it bites into human flesh,” I said. This is how I always start the debate. I rolled through the introduction. I mentioned the three reasons and then when I finished the intro I sighed with relief. For now it was there turn to say the their intro and I wouldn’t be speaking for a little while.

After Giana said her intro it was Eli’s turn to state our first reason and evidence. He did a pretty good job with that. After they stated their first reason and evidence it was my turn to go. I countered there reason and then stated our second reason. It went on like this for a little while until they stated their third and final reason. I countered it and then said our conclusion. At the end of the conclusion me and Eli said in unison, “We need to stop the sharks.”

I think that our group did very well in the end. The final debate was our best by far. It was way better than the ones that weren’t organized when we were just shouting at each other. We also did a very good job of hiding our nerves.

Though we did very well we still have a few things to work on. Both sides of the debate gave very good evidence but some of it wasn’t good. Like when we said we can’t afford to have our own species getting killed. Also I feel like we could have looked up from our paper a little more.

Overall I think we did very well. Here is the video. Tell me what you think.



Rube Goldberg #6

Me and Matthew got it to work. Attempt #4 was very close and we ended up getting it to work on attempt #6. The part that was troubling us the most was the second step where the marble had to fall and hit the ball. And then when the ball would fall it would pull a hook down which pulls a string away which releases the zipline. Our first few steps are very complicated. Then it starts to get a little easier but it is still complicated. The zipline hits a block which pulls away another block which releases the truck down a ramp which pulls a piece of paper away which releases a marble down the marble maze. It starts to get easier from there. Once we got our success we put it into our WeVideo which included our fails and what we did over the process of our Rube Goldberg. Here is the video of  it: