Coding #1

For my first coding project I decided that I wanted to make it on scratch. I also decided that this project would be a no tutorial project. I ended up regreting that idea. I couldn’t come up with a good project. After a lot of thinking I decided that I would just use a tutorial. But right before I pressed the tutorial button I came up with an idea I liked. I would make a Where is Waldo game.

My first step was to find backrounds for the game. I went on to the web to find very crowded pictures so I can hide Waldo in them. My plan was to have three stages for the game, so I got three crowded pictures. Then, after I uploaded them to scratch I made more backdrops saying Find Waldo, Level one, You found waldo, Level two, level three, you win, you lose. After I made the backdrops I went back onto the web to find a picture of Waldo. When I found one I liked I uploaded it to drive. Then I duplicated twice so that I would have three different Waldo’s for the three different stages. Then I made it so that when a stage would pop up Waldo would show and you would have to find him. I also made it so that when you clicked on waldo a backdrop would appear saying, “You found Waldo!”

Once I had my game done I decided to add one more thing. I would add a countdown so that it was possible to lose. At first I set the countdown to 45 seconds. I gave my computer to my mom to see if the game worked. She beat it with six second left on the countdown so I changed it to 40 second instead of 45 seconds. I also made it a little trickier to find Waldo. My game has turned out very good. Here it is. Hope you like it:


Coding #3

For my third coding project I decided to make another scratch project. I’m starting too get pretty comfortable with scratch. For this project I have no clue what to do. I asked my mom for good ideas. She told me to make a breakout game. I liked that idea.

To start, I did everything I did for my pong game. But then I added 5 rows of 11 bricks each. I then made it so that the ball would bounce off the bricks and kill the bricks. If 1 brick got killed the score would go up by 1. If you got 55 points then you win.

During this project and my others on scratch I’ve had some annoying and big problems. This project I made 1 brick, put the codes in and duplicated it 54 times. But then I realized that I needed to add something to the brick. I did this but then realized that all the bricks needed this. So I had to duplicate it another 54 times. This happened 5 different times. It was very frusturating. But all of it was worth it because my game turned out well. I think it is great and I hope you do too! Here it is:


Coding #2

For my second coding project I decided to use scratch again. I think that scratch provides you all the blocks useful for making a game.

I wanted to make a pong game. I started off with the tutorial. I know there is a tutorial for a pong game but from my experiences on scratch I decided I could make one without the tutorial.

First I found a back round I liked and a paddle and ball. Next I made it so that you could move the paddle with the arrow keys. I then made the ball move, bounce off the walls, and bounce off the paddle. Now I had my base. Next I would start adding some of the parts that you don’t really need but I would like to have.

The most important of the ideas I had to make my game better is the lava at the bottom of the screen. So I made that first. I drew a red line at the bottom of the back round and filled it in with red. Then, I clicked on the ball and went to scripts. I coded, “If touching color red Stop all.” This means that if the ball gets by the paddle and touches the lava then you lose and have to start over.

But in a game where you can lose, it’s only fair that you can win too. The first step I took is making a variable called score. I made it so that at the beginning it would set score to zero. Then I made it so that if it was touching paddle it would change score by 1, so every time you hit the ball your score would be added by 1. Then I made another back round. I wrote, “YOU WIN,” I named this back round you win. Then I went back to scripts and made it that if your score is 30 it would change the backdrop to you win. In other words, if you hit the ball 30 time then you win.

These are the full details of how I made my game. If you don’t understand it then play it. If you do understand it, well, still play it. Hope you like it! Here it is:


Coding #4

For my final coding project I used Tynker. This project I just wanted to make something simple. I chose to make it simple because with my experiences on Tynker I know that the blocks they give you are not very useful.

This project I decided on a rock band. It’s simple but still fun to play with. I started off following the tutorial. The tutorial showed me how to make the sounds. After I finished the tutorial I started adding some more instruments. Saxophone and flute were two of them. Then I had to make a sound for the instruments I added. After I did that my project was finished. All you do is click on the instruments and they’ll make a noise. Hope you like it. Here it is:

Now that I’ve made four projects, at least 1 on Tynker and Scratch I have concluded that I like Scratch more. On Tynker I think there are better and more sprites to choose from. Also on Tynker the tutorials, I think are much easier to follow. But Scratch is better in a big way. I think in Scratch all the blocks they give you are useful, unlike Tynker. This makes it much easier to code.

I had so much fun in our coding unit and I hope we can do it again. I just love the concept of a making a game or project. This has been one of my favorite units and has inspired me to do more coding.

When I’m coding, I’m happy.