Coding #3

For my third coding project I decided to make another scratch project. I’m starting too get pretty comfortable with scratch. For this project I have no clue what to do. I asked my mom for good ideas. She told me to make a breakout game. I liked that idea.

To start, I did everything I did for my pong game. But then I added 5 rows of 11 bricks each. I then made it so that the ball would bounce off the bricks and kill the bricks. If 1 brick got killed the score would go up by 1. If you got 55 points then you win.

During this project and my others on scratch I’ve had some annoying and big problems. This project I made 1 brick, put the codes in and duplicated it 54 times. But then I realized that I needed to add something to the brick. I did this but then realized that all the bricks needed this. So I had to duplicate it another 54 times. This happened 5 different times. It was very frusturating. But all of it was worth it because my game turned out well. I think it is great and I hope you do too! Here it is:


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