Ellis Island

A few months ago my fifth grade class finished our immigration projects. For this we all had to write a story of an immigrant traveling through Ellis Island to America from somewhere in Europe around the year 1900. Anyway, we learned a lot about Ellis Island during this project, so yesterday we went to Ellis Island as a fifth grade field trip.

Once we got off the bus in New York City we took a ferry to Ellis Island. On the way to Ellis Island in the ferry we passed the Statue of Liberty. It really was an amazing site. Once we got off the ferry at Ellis Island we went strait for the museum. First we got a tour of the whole place. We got to do some of the tests the immigrants did, like the legal inspection. After the tour we had free time to wander around around the first floor. We visited the sites and read about the immigration.

The next thing we did was watching the movie. The movie was very similar to our immigration projects. It was about the whole process of getting through Ellis Island. After the movie we were free to eat lunch. We had packed lunch for ourselves before we left so we were good to go. After lunch we went to the place where everybody who went through Ellis Island names were carved on the wall. We got to look for any of our anscestors names. I found one of mine!

Overall I though this trip wasn’t that bad. My favorite part was definatly looking for our anscestors name. I had a lot of fun doing that. I recommend you going to Ellis Island. Have fun!


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  1. I thought that you were very descriptive. I liked how you explained our immigration unit and why we went to Ellis Island. I also like how you included your favorite part about the trip and why. Great job!

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