Capstone #4 Site Visit

The next step in the process of the Capstone project is finding a site visit. For the site visit we basically go somewhere that specializes in our topic and ask for a tour and then maybe ask some questions about your topic. A lot of people found theirs quickly. Me, well I had a couple of good ideas for it, like the medical department, or a ski hospital. Sadly those are in Colorado. There were a few good options in Vermont. But that was still a five a hour drive. I couldn’t think of anything else so I decided to go to a ski academy in Vermont.

A week went by and I couldn’t find a good time to do it. Bu then I found a good time to do it. Memorial Day. As we approached Memorial Day I realized that I had a soccer tournament, a baseball tournament, and my whole family was coming over. Then I watched Memorial Day pass like a fly. Now I was starting to get desperate because the site visit was due in two days. Then I did what needed to be done. I told my dad that the academy wouldn’t work, I told him to take me to a ski shop 20 minutes away. He agreed to do that so off we were to a ski shop, the day before the site visit was due.

When we walked through the door at Hickory and Tweed the manager was waiting for us. My dad had called him on the phone early to tell him about my project and ask if he could show us some things around the shop. Before we got started I told him a little more about my project. Then, to get started I asked him to show me some skis from a long time ago and some skis from now. The difference was huge. We went on like this for a while me asking him to show me something from now and a long time ago. He had some things for safety, like the binding and the helmet. No medical things though.

I think the site visit was very helpful. It helped me so much with my research, especially technology. There was so many thing to compare from back then to now. Hickory and Tweed also had some good improved safety showings. Not as much as technology but the information was very useful. Though for medical purposes I didn’t get anything out of it. Like I said in my last post, I can’t wait to start my final project.



  1. I like how you talked about what you asked the manager. I also like how you showed the process of finding your site visit.

  2. I like how you told us when you did, and how busy your weekend was. I like how you talked about the manager, maybe you can mention the managers name, and explain a little more about hickory and tweed and why its called that.

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