Capstone #6 Working On My Final Project

The step after the essay on answering our main inquiry question is working on the final project. Through our whole Capstone experience I have been looking up to this step the most.

Before we started the project we had to decide if we were going to do a TED TALK, IGNITE TALK, or a presentation without you there to explain it. I immediately ruled out the presentation without you there because for people to understand what I’m talking about I feel like I have to be there. After a little more thinking I ruled out an IGNITE too because earlier this year when I did my IGNITE I didn’t have the best experience, also with a TED TALK you can go on and on about what you’re saying. In an IGNITE you only have 15 seconds to finish what you’re saying on each slide, and I feel like I need more time to explain. So I went with the TED TALK.

Now it was time to start the project. I quickly thought up of each slide. Once I had the title of each slide I started writing the script. When I finished the script I thought I did a decent job. But I wasn’t sure of it so I went to my teacher. She tweaked a few things here and there. Once I got the script how I wanted it I started putting pictures into the slideshow, based on my script.

Finally after a lot of hard months my project is done. Now all I have to do is memorize my script and do the actual presentations. Until next time. Here’s my project:



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  1. I like your blog post, the only thing is Ignite isn’t all capitalized it’s only the I. I like how you said why you eliminated the Ignite, and the video tape of your presentation.

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