Capstone #7 Final Presentations

The last step in the Capstone project is actually performing you final project in front of the school and the parents. On Monday I performed in front of two other classes, a 1st grade class and a second grade class. Performing in front of the 1st grade class I wasn’t nervous at all because it was my sister’s class and I had already practiced in front of her multiple times. So I thought, Hey just another practice. The second grade class I felt a little more nervous though. Then on Tuesday I performed in front of the parents. I had to perform inĀ  the auditorium and I was not happy about that because I don’t like performing in big spaces.

Performing in front of the parents was actually way easier than I though it was going to be because I knew almost everyone out there so I knew they weren’t going to judge me. I had so much fun doing this Capstone project and I hope we could do it again sometime in the future.


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  1. I liked your presentation. I also like how you explained your feelings and said why you weren’t nervous.

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