Building Circuits

On Friday Mr. Calvert had us build circuits based on what we had been learning for the past week. We made two different circuits. The parallel circuit and the series circuit. The parallel circuit is with two different light bulbs with two different circuits. The series circuit is one smooth circle circuit.


The first circuit I made was the series circuit. I made the circuit but the light bulb wouldn’t light up. I couldn’t figure out why. After a little observing I realized that there was no switch. As soon as I put the switch in the light came soaring to life.


Then it was time for the parallel circuit. This circuit was a much more complicated circuit. This took me a while to complete. At some points in the circuit there were like 4 alligator clips all clipped together. But with 1 minute left in class  the two light bulbs came soaring to life.



This week in technology we’ve been learning all about atoms. I used to think that all atoms were the same and that each one had 1 proton and 1 electron. But now I know better, and that’s thanks to Mr. Calvert.


There are 118 different atoms, one for each element. The protons and the neutrons in the center of the atom form something called the nucleus. There are also rings on the outside of the atom. The rings are called orbitals. On each orbital is at least one electron. As you can see, in only a week I have learned a lot more about atoms than I have ever known about them.


The Time I Pulled Off The Edison

When I was in 5th grade I was in an afterschool club called Makerspace. Makerspace is a club where you can make digital games or you can create something with your hands. One day my Makerspace teacher showed us this really cool thing that you can make using paper engineering. It was a bunch of paper strips that you connect and you can basically push them in and out. Then I realized that if I made two of them and connected them to two boards it would be a spring.

After that idea of making a spring things moved pretty smoothly after that. I easily made the two paper push things. It was also a breeze making the two boards. Then things started going wrong when I had to connect the paper pushees to the boards. I couldn’t glue or tape because the paper pushees wouldn’t be able to move. I tried soooooo many things and nothing worked. I was on the verge of giving up when I finally got a good idea. I was looking for pictures of spring on the internet and in one I saw a bar at the bottom that my paper pushees could slide through. So I tried doing that out of paper and it finally worked!! It wasn’t a very good spring but it was a working one!