Welcome to 2016-2017

It’s a brand new school year! I’m excited because this year we to do toy theaters. Toy theaters are boxes with backrounds in them. We use toy figures and stick them into the box to make a play. The plays we do are from the revolutionary war. We get to perform in front of the whole school and our parents!

This year we also have colonial day. We’ve never done this before because only the 4th graders get to do it. For colonial day we dress up like the pilgrims did. We spend that whole day studying about pilgrims. We also get to eat the food they eat. I really look forward to colonial day.

This year we get our own chromebooks. Now we don’t have to go into other wings to get the laptops and we don’t have to bring the laptops to Spanish class. Mr Casal my technology teacher can come into my classroom because we have chromebooks instead of going to his room doing the class on the computers.

I really look forward to everything we will do this year!!!