Heathcote math day 2016-2017

I liked that on math day we did an ice cream cone math project which is were you make an ice cream shop with your partners and make flavors of ice cream. You have to find out how many combinations of ice cream you can make. I also liked the estimating jar. That is were every class gueses the number of tings in the jar. First, second and third place get one thing from the jar.

Welcome to 2016-2017

It’s a brand new school year! I’m so happy because we are doing a thing called a curiosity project which you do a poster or explain about a topic you are curios or an expert on. I am doing mine on pokemon cards. I brought in my cards too.

I am also happy because in 4th grade we are going to study colonial times. We are doing a toy theater. Isn’t that awesome? We are doing are toy theaters on colonial day.

We are doing orchestra this year and I’m playing the violin!