Rube Goldberg #6

We finally started on the i movie. We but all the videos in but then we realized that they were in the wrong order. Then we had to sort out each video and then put them in the right order. It took forever or only ten minuets. We made revisions and edited the video and that actually took an hour to do. We reviewed it over and over again to see if there were any bugs or mistakes. We found none except for Ale saying “We hop this is a succeed”! We decided to leave that in there. We finally finished our Rube Goldberg machine.

Rube Goldberg #5

We took a huge break from our Rube Goldberg machine because Ale was sick for such a long time! one day he was sick and the next day he wasn’t, it was crazy. He finally got better and we were able to continue with our Rube Goldberg machine. Since we had our break, we felt that we were behind on our Rube Goldberg machine. We went to work really fast and got started and we didn’t know what was wrong with our Rube Goldberg but we finally made a big change with our Rube Goldberg machine. Instead of our big heavy plane, we changed it to a roll of tape. That made so much of a difference. On our fifth try with the roll of tape we finally got a success! We were so happy, but when we saw the video, it wasn’t that clear. We knew that we had to stick with the video because time was running out. We were going to do the i movie.

Rube Goldberg #4

In our fourth meeting me and Alex both worked hard. We took so many videos but we didn’t have a success. We made so many small changes to our Rube Goldberg machine. One of our main problems was our wooden car that we built. The car would always go of the side of our ramp. The car broke 3 times! We used the hot glue gun constantly. We almost forgot to switch the glue gun off. After so many tries we finally finished our meeting with no success. We were disappointed on how we did but, we were determine to get a success on our Rube Goldberg machine.

Rube Goldberg #1

Me and Alex took our first step into our Rube Goldberg project! On our first day we worked really hard and got six steps planed and put into action. We would have been working with two other members but we could not find a time where we all could meet on the same day so we split up. We worked really hard on our first day, but didn’t find time to do our sketch so we did it the day after. Look for my second Rube Goldberg post to learn about our second day in the process!

Rube Goldberg #2

Our second day we made much less progress because we were out of ideas! We finally thought of a seventh step. We were going to use these tiny balls that made a loud noise if something fell on them, and the tiny balls would also repel whatever was around it. We did our sketch and we defiantly were not the best artists in the world but in was understandable. We played Uno after our sketch  was done. We couldn’t find anything interesting for our eighth step. In my third Rube Goldberg post, I will tell you what we actually did in detail.

Rube Goldberg #3

In this post, you will be able to read what happened in our first meeting in detail. So we kicked off our Rube Goldberg project by thinking of what to do. We thought of basic Rube Goldberg materials such as marbles and dominoes. We didn’t have a ramp so we hot glued three wooden rectangular prisms and made those a ramp. The dominoes  were the most annoying part because we would always knock them over midway. the dominoes would then hit a toy car which would hit a Jenga tower. The catapult was Alex’s sisters so we hid it from her view. We felt that our first day was a success and we felt proud.