In this post, you will be able to read what happened in our first meeting in detail. So we kicked off our Rube Goldberg project by thinking of what to do. We thought of basic Rube Goldberg materials such as marbles and dominoes. We didn’t have a ramp so we hot glued three wooden rectangular prisms and made those a ramp. The dominoes  were the most annoying part because we would always knock them over midway. the dominoes would then hit a toy car which would hit a Jenga tower. The catapult was Alex’s sisters so we hid it from her view. We felt that our first day was a success and we felt proud.

Rube Goldberg #3

One thought on “Rube Goldberg #3

  • February 5, 2018 at 6:13 pm

    I like how you started to put your machine together. It is funny that you had to hide the catapult from your teacher. Great work!!


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