Capstone #1 – Choosing a Topic

Picking a topic for a Capstone is not easy. You have to think about a lot of things. You need a topic that will not bore you out. ¬†You need a topic that you don’t know to much about. You need a topic that will make you think. I choose Nike as my final topic, but at first, I wanted to do basketball. Then I wanted to do tennis, but I was really an expert on that. Nike was my third choice and I really wasn’t into that, but when I found that Nike donated to communities I was surprised. I thought that Nike only wanted to get money, so I did a lot of research and found many websites, I even found a Nike community store where I could learn more about Nike Community Impact foundation. I knew this topic would interest¬† me the most. That is the reason I choose Nike for my Capstone topic. I am so exited for Capstone!

4 thoughts on “Capstone #1 – Choosing a Topic

  1. I liked how you described the process. You also went into how choosing a topic isn’t easy. Overall great job!

  2. I liked how you explained how you chose your topic and that it isn’t easy. I also like how you said why you chose Nike. Great Job!

  3. I like how you explained why you chose Nike, I also like how you talked about different topics you wanted to do, and how you explain how Capstone isn’t easy. Good job!

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