Capstone #4 – Interview

In this blog post I will be talking about my interview. I did my interview at the same place as my site visit. I was really nervous, I thought I was going to mess up or ask the questions in the wrong order. Thoughts were spinning in my head. I finally got to meat the person I was interview! Her name was Tania. You you can go to my Site visit blog post to see a picture of me and Tania. I wasn’t allowed to get a video because of Nikes policy but I got a lot of information about of the interview. My interview questions were,

  1. How do you impact your community ?
  2. What type people are impacted?
  3. Does it affect kids or adults more?
  4. Do you keep doing the same thing for different people or do you think of new ways to help people?
  5. What do you think about when you make an impact?
  6. What is your goal when helping a community?
  7. How will you impact others in the future?
  8. Does bringing professional athletes help kids be more energized?
  9. Does your impact work in a negative or positive way?
  10. How can you expand the variety of people you help.

Tania answered all of them and it was really helpful and key to answering my main inquiry question and sub questions. I really enjoyed my interview and it was a great help to answering my questions.

Elis Island

Today the 5th grade went on a field trip to Elis Island. We took a coach bus because it was a really long drive there and back. We got off and we took a ferry to Elis Island I learned a lot on how immigrants came to the USA a long time ago. We watched a movie then had lunch. After lunch we got to look around. I found a family name on one of the stones. I was really exited then. We even saw the Statue Of Liberty on the way there from a far view, at Elis Island from a medium view and up close when we where leaving Elis Island on the ferry. I really enjoyed the trip!

Capstone #3 – Site Visit

In our Capstone we have to do a site visit, that means we have to go to a place that would teach you something about your topic. I did my site visit at a Nike Community store in Brooklyn. I learned a lot about Nike’s contributes to their community, like what they do and how they find more ways to get kids active. I learned that they volunteer in after school clubs and just make sports more fun for the kids they help. I met with the community store manager and I took a picture with her. I also learned that the community stores are factory Nike stores not So Ho Nike stores. That means that Nike apparel cost less money.



Peruvian Restaurant Field Trip

Today the 5th grade took a field trip the Peruvian Restaurant called Pollo A La Brasa Misti. We tried a variety of dishes. The names of the dishes are Lomo Saltado, Pollo Saltado, Pescado el Ojo, Talerin de Carne, and a drink called Chica Morada. I loved eating evrything but the Pescado el Ojo, but my favorites were Lomo Saltado and Talerin de Carne. The food there was amazing and so ¬†was the drink Chica Morada. A lot of people didn’t like the drink but I did. It tasted a bit like cinnamon. The trip also helped me practice my spanish speaking. We had to speak in spanish to the waiters there and it was really hard not to speak english. I would give this 5/5 stars. I really loved the restaurant and I really loved the trip.