Answering My Main Inquiry Question #5

For Capstone, we have to answer our main inquiry question in an essay. It took a lot of hard work to answer my main inquiry question because we had to do a lot of editing and revising. It was really frustrating when I thought I was done I had to revise more!

How Does Nike Affect Communities and How Can That Teach Kids The Importance of Helping Others

By: William M.

Everybody knows that Nike is a famous shoe and clothing brand but did you know that they want to help kids be more active at their own cost? My Main Inquiry question is, How does Nike affect communities and how can that teach kids the importance of being active? They affect communities by teaching kids how to be active and they help kids realize what happens around them.

The first part of my answer is showing Nike’s effect on communities. Nike affects communities in a lot of ways. One way that Nike affects communities is how they have their employees volunteer at, kids after school activities. I learned this at the interview with Tania, the Nike Community store manager. Another way that Nike helps communities is Marathon kids. Nike partnered with this association. Marathon Kids is an association that gets kids to start running. You can sign up as a coach if you click on this link. Marathon Kids encourages kids to run 3 marathons.

Yet another way that Nike affects communities is how they had an impact on South Africa. Nike partnered with Vision Global to give kids in South Africa glasses. Nike helped the kids there be more active by using the Nike+ Fútball Association. Now there is still more but, I think that answers my first part of the question.  How does Nike affect communities?

How can that teach kids the importance of being active? One way that Nike teaches the importance of being active is by pushing themselves to the limit! Tobias Harris (Pro Basketball Player) said “sometimes the kids look at me like a brother or a best friend.” The kids try their hardest to show how they appreciate his help. They did give back by trying their hardest by giving all they have in basketball. Since Nike Community Impact launch in 2010, NCIF (Nike community impact fund) has awarded more than $4.97 million dollars to 502 nonprofit organizations in the U.S. This includes 401 grants in Oregon and southwest Washington where NCIF began; nine grants in Memphis, where the Nike North America Logistics Campus is located; as well as 92 grants in communities where Nike has Community Stores: downtown Detroit; South Chicago; New Orleans and the Ivy City neighborhood of Washington, D.C., Brooklyn and East Los Angeles. These people who were affected are really happy. In a video about Marathon Kids, they interviewed some kids and I think, they seemed to think that, being active was really important. If you want to see the video you can click on this link. This video was really important to my understanding of this association. I really hope Marathon kids keep up the good work!

How Does Nike Affect Communities And How Can That Teach Kids The Importance of Helping Others? Nike affected communities by volunteering and getting kids active, they also donate money to schools. Nike influences kids and teaches them the importance of helping others by helping the kids all around the world and helping them realize that somebody helps them every day, Nike still does this and will always do this. They are thinking about new ways to make a difference everyday.

If enjoyed my answer to my Main Inquiry question.

Click these links to find out more on Nike’s community impact:

You can also learn a lot about Nike at a Nike Community store in Brooklyn.

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  1. I think you did a good job theirs just some punctuation errors but other than that I think its good. I liked how you added a quote in your essay and how at the end of your blog you have the links that you used.

  2. In the middle of you’re paragraph it says “say why,” out of nowhere maybe you could change that, and also nike has to be capitalized. But I like how you included links in the essay.

  3. Great job on your essay! I really think you did a great job with grammer and explaining everything. When you say your main inqury question for the first time it could be in a paragraph instead of one sentance. Overall your blog post was great!

  4. I really enjoyed the format of this essay. you started with a very strong foundation, and the details definintly showed a lot of dedication, and time spent on research. I think this was a very flowing, and solid blog post.

  5. I like how you bold your Main Inquiry Question and how you explained a little about the essay in the first paragraph .

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