Today I’ll be talking how I got to make my final presentation.

I am so exited, at the beginning of 5th grade, and here I am now with my presentation done! Well now really done, I still have to present my presentation to the other classes and to my parents. I am really scared because I always think I will mess up because in the past I have messed up a lot while practicing. But I have way more successful runs than fails. I was really surprised at how long my ted talk was. Five minutes was a lot more than I expected. I guess I had more information then I knew I did. I think writing my script was probably the hardest part. I had to keep editing and revising because it either didn’t make sense or part of the script was useless. At first, I had a short script, after that I had a long script. Long scripts are okay but I could not have memorized that much. I finally got it down to a reasonable size by my standards. It didn’t take that long for me to memorize this one because, it was basically my first one except that it was longer.

My slide show was also pretty good. It only had three slides with words on them. Well all of them said something because I had to put a title on them. My main inquiry, sub questions, and conclusion slides were the only ones with words on them that you might want to read. My slide show wasn’t hard because I only had to find pictures to match my script.

Making the slide show was fun and writing the script was challenging but it was all really fun. Do you think I will do well in the presentation?

Working On My Final Project #6

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  • June 21, 2018 at 1:26 pm

    I like how you added your slideshow and how you ended with a question.


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