I’m in my third class of tech and I’m really excited. Last class we learned how to use some of the tools like drill press and the soldering iron. Did you know that the soldering iron goes up to 800 degrees fahrenheit. For the glue gun, there is two modes. High and low. We are only allowed to use low because on high the glue gun goes to 240 degrees¬†fahrenheit. We have to wear safety goggles, my favorite type is the Google goggles. I think the most dangerous tool in the room is the scissors, because Mr.Calvert told us about the worse incident that happened in this room was with scissors. One kid was trying to scrape stuff off his project but he missed and got a huge cut on his hand. I know that every tool is dangerous, and I have to think before I act.

What I learned About In Tech (Tech#1)

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