Elis Island

Today the 5th grade went on a field trip to Elis Island. We took a coach bus because it was a really long drive there and back. We got off and we took a ferry to Elis Island I learned a lot on how immigrants came to the USA a long time ago. We watched a movie then had lunch. After lunch we got to look around. I found a family name on one of the stones. I was really exited then. We even saw the Statue Of Liberty on the way there from a far view, at Elis Island from a medium view and up close when we where leaving Elis Island on the ferry. I really enjoyed the trip!

Capstone #3

I did my site visit at a Nike Community store in Brooklyn. I learned a lot about Nike’s contributes to their community, like what they do and how they find more ways to get kids active. I learned that they volunteer in after school clubs and just make sports more fun for the kids they help. I met with the community store manager and I took a picture with her. I learned that the community stores are factory Nike stores not SoHo Nike stores. That means that Nike apparel cost less money. I think learned a lot from going to a Nike Community Store.



Peruvian Restaurant Field Trip

Today the 5th grade took a field trip the Peruvian Restaurant called Pollo A La Brasa Misti. We tried a variety of dishes. The names of the dishes are Lomo Saltado, Pollo Saltado, Pescado el Ojo, Talerin de Carne, and a drink called Chica Morada. I loved eating evrything but the Pescado el Ojo, but my favorites were Lomo Saltado and Talerin de Carne. The food there was amazing and so  was the drink Chica Morada. A lot of people didn’t like the drink but I did. It tasted a bit like cinnamon. The trip also helped me practice my spanish speaking. We had to speak in spanish to the waiters there and it was really hard not to speak english. I would give this 5/5 stars. I really loved the restaurant and I really loved the trip.

Capstone #2

I knew Capstone was about a specific topic, but I didn’t know that we had to do questions inside of our main question. In my case, my main inquiry question is how does Nike help community’s and how can that teach kids the importance of helping others. My sub questions are:

  1. What type of communities need help
  2. What can Nike do to help
  3. How can they be role models
  4. What type of activities get kids more active
  5. How can they teach kids skills that they will use in their lives
  6. How can Nike give to others besides by giving to schools

I came up with these sub questions because these would help me answer my main question. I still have a lot of work to do, but I know that I will do well if I work hard. Coming up with sub questions is not easy. You have to think of questions that will answer only parts of your main, and all the answers combine will answer your main question.


Where I’m From Poem

We did a Where I’m From poem in our class and it was really fun. In case you don’t know what a Where I’m From Poem is, it’s something just about you. It is about all the important things from your past and present. You can make a Where I’m From Poem in a website which has an organizer which you put in what they tell you. Hope you enjoy the video.

Capstone #1

Picking a topic for a Capstone is not easy. You have to think about a lot of things. You need a topic that will not bore you out.  You need a topic that you don’t know to much about. You need a topic that will make you think. I choose Nike as my final topic, but at first, I wanted to do basketball. Then I wanted to do tennis, but I was really an expert on that. Nike was my third choice and I really wasn’t into that, but when I found that Nike donated to communities I was surprised. I thought that Nike only wanted to get money, so I did a lot of research and found many websites, I even found a Nike community store where I could learn more about Nike Community Impact foundation. I knew this topic would interest  me the most. That is the reason I choose Nike for my Capstone topic. I am so exited for Capstone!


In school we had to an Ignite presentation. A usual Ignite is 5 minutes, but our Ignite was only 90 seconds. We had a week to memorize our index cards or speaker notes. In our process we first watched a professional Ignite talker. after we had to find an idea witch was essentially a story. I chose how to make pizza. I had to explain how to make pizza in 7 aka 5 slides. Why I say 5 slides not 7 is because, the first and last slides you introduce and conclude. I explained the steps in an orderly manner and I finished my Ignite presentation.

Coding #4

My new game was a pong game that was very simple. You use a paddle and you have to hit the ball and make sure the ball does not go into the red zone! Coding the game took less than two minutes. There is a tutorial on this in scratch if you want to make this game. I am trying to make a multi ball mode but somehow it is not working. Please view and favorite this game on scratch and follow me for support! Thank You!


Me, Will, Giana, and Eli did a debate on whether we should protect sharks from humans or humans from sharks. Me and Giana wanted to protect sharks from humans and Eli and Will wanted to protect humans from sharks. We had to practice a lot. We had two practice debates in front of the class and many debates just by ourselves. We had to research a lot about our topics. We read countless articles and we had to find rebuttals for our opponents reasons and evidence. In our final debate we found pictures and videos to make our debate stronger. Eli and Will had one video of a suffer being attacked by a shark but it wasn’t clear where the shark was unless they pointed out where the shark was. Our video was on the New York Post and it was a fisherman catching a shark and shooting it twice. I really didn’t like that guy because he was smiling at the end! Me and Giana also added two pictures. Here is our video of our debate.

Coding #3

I made my third game in Tynker. My game was called Thunder Dome PVP. This game was a Minecraft mod were you can go into Tynker’s special server and type /tythunderdome and it will transport all the players in the server into a metal dome where you battle to the death. I could not import this project to my blog because you can’t play on it. It is just a modification for a game. It took a lot of time to actually make the modification work. The tutorial was very confusing so at first the game didn’t work but then I made many small changes and it worked!!