Capstone Share #7

Today we got to  finally share our Capstone presentations with our parents, but first we got some practice the day before.

At first, we presented in front of the other classes from Heathcote. That was like a practice run. I was really nervous on the day we presented our Capstone presentations to our  parents. I was afraid that I would mess up. We were split up into different sections of the school. I was in our classroom. I was the ninth to go and the waiting made me anxious. I all I wanted to do was get it over with. I was kind of fidgeting when I got up to present but I felt good once I finished. It was parents choice if we should stay at school or go home after our presentation. My mom chose for me to go home.

Overall, I had a great time presenting and I hope I get another opportunity to do this again.

Here is a video of my TED Talk:

Working On My Final Project #6

Today I’ll be talking how I got to make my final presentation.

I am so exited, at the beginning of 5th grade, and here I am now with my presentation done! Well now really done, I still have to present my presentation to the other classes and to my parents. I am really scared because I always think I will mess up because in the past I have messed up a lot while practicing. But I have way more successful runs than fails. I was really surprised at how long my ted talk was. Five minutes was a lot more than I expected. I guess I had more information then I knew I did. I think writing my script was probably the hardest part. I had to keep editing and revising because it either didn’t make sense or part of the script was useless. At first, I had a short script, after that I had a long script. Long scripts are okay but I could not have memorized that much. I finally got it down to a reasonable size by my standards. It didn’t take that long for me to memorize this one because, it was basically my first one except that it was longer.

My slide show was also pretty good. It only had three slides with words on them. Well all of them said something because I had to put a title on them. My main inquiry, sub questions, and conclusion slides were the only ones with words on them that you might want to read. My slide show wasn’t hard because I only had to find pictures to match my script.

Making the slide show was fun and writing the script was challenging but it was all really fun. Do you think I will do well in the presentation?

Answering My Main Inquiry Question #5

For Capstone, we have to answer our main inquiry question in an essay. It took a lot of hard work to answer my main inquiry question because we had to do a lot of editing and revising. It was really frustrating when I thought I was done I had to revise more!

How Does Nike Affect Communities and How Can That Teach Kids The Importance of Helping Others

By: William M.

Everybody knows that Nike is a famous shoe and clothing brand but did you know that they want to help kids be more active at their own cost? My Main Inquiry question is, How does Nike affect communities and how can that teach kids the importance of being active? They affect communities by teaching kids how to be active and they help kids realize what happens around them.

The first part of my answer is showing Nike’s effect on communities. Nike affects communities in a lot of ways. One way that Nike affects communities is how they have their employees volunteer at, kids after school activities. I learned this at the interview with Tania, the Nike Community store manager. Another way that Nike helps communities is Marathon kids. Nike partnered with this association. Marathon Kids is an association that gets kids to start running. You can sign up as a coach if you click on this link. Marathon Kids encourages kids to run 3 marathons.

Yet another way that Nike affects communities is how they had an impact on South Africa. Nike partnered with Vision Global to give kids in South Africa glasses. Nike helped the kids there be more active by using the Nike+ Fútball Association. Now there is still more but, I think that answers my first part of the question.  How does Nike affect communities?

How can that teach kids the importance of being active? One way that Nike teaches the importance of being active is by pushing themselves to the limit! Tobias Harris (Pro Basketball Player) said “sometimes the kids look at me like a brother or a best friend.” The kids try their hardest to show how they appreciate his help. They did give back by trying their hardest by giving all they have in basketball. Since Nike Community Impact launch in 2010, NCIF (Nike community impact fund) has awarded more than $4.97 million dollars to 502 nonprofit organizations in the U.S. This includes 401 grants in Oregon and southwest Washington where NCIF began; nine grants in Memphis, where the Nike North America Logistics Campus is located; as well as 92 grants in communities where Nike has Community Stores: downtown Detroit; South Chicago; New Orleans and the Ivy City neighborhood of Washington, D.C., Brooklyn and East Los Angeles. These people who were affected are really happy. In a video about Marathon Kids, they interviewed some kids and I think, they seemed to think that, being active was really important. If you want to see the video you can click on this link. This video was really important to my understanding of this association. I really hope Marathon kids keep up the good work!

How Does Nike Affect Communities And How Can That Teach Kids The Importance of Helping Others? Nike affected communities by volunteering and getting kids active, they also donate money to schools. Nike influences kids and teaches them the importance of helping others by helping the kids all around the world and helping them realize that somebody helps them every day, Nike still does this and will always do this. They are thinking about new ways to make a difference everyday.

If enjoyed my answer to my Main Inquiry question.

Click these links to find out more on Nike’s community impact:

You can also learn a lot about Nike at a Nike Community store in Brooklyn.

Capstone #4 – Interview

In this blog post I will be talking about my interview. I did my interview at the same place as my site visit. I was really nervous, I thought I was going to mess up or ask the questions in the wrong order. Thoughts were spinning in my head. I finally got to meat the person I was interview! Her name was Tania. You you can go to my Site visit blog post to see a picture of me and Tania. I wasn’t allowed to get a video because of Nikes policy but I got a lot of information about of the interview. My interview questions were,

  1. How do you impact your community ?
  2. What type people are impacted?
  3. Does it affect kids or adults more?
  4. Do you keep doing the same thing for different people or do you think of new ways to help people?
  5. What do you think about when you make an impact?
  6. What is your goal when helping a community?
  7. How will you impact others in the future?
  8. Does bringing professional athletes help kids be more energized?
  9. Does your impact work in a negative or positive way?
  10. How can you expand the variety of people you help.

Tania answered all of them and it was really helpful and key to answering my main inquiry question and sub questions. I really enjoyed my interview and it was a great help to answering my questions.

Capstone #3 – Site Visit

In our Capstone we have to do a site visit, that means we have to go to a place that would teach you something about your topic. I did my site visit at a Nike Community store in Brooklyn. I learned a lot about Nike’s contributes to their community, like what they do and how they find more ways to get kids active. I learned that they volunteer in after school clubs and just make sports more fun for the kids they help. I met with the community store manager and I took a picture with her. I also learned that the community stores are factory Nike stores not So Ho Nike stores. That means that Nike apparel cost less money.



Capstone #2 – Main Inquiry Question and Sub Questions

I knew Capstone was about a specific topic, but I didn’t know that we had to do questions inside of our main question. In my case, my main inquiry question is how does Nike help community’s and how can that teach kids the importance of being active? I had to do a lot of thinking to come up with my main inquiry question. My sub questions are:

  1. What type of communities need help?
  2. What can Nike do to help?
  3. How can they be role models?
  4. What type of activities get kids more active?
  5. How can they teach kids skills that they will use in their lives?
  6. How can Nike give to others besides by giving to schools?

I came up with these sub questions because these would help me answer my main question. I still have a lot of work to do, but I know that I will do well if I work hard. Coming up with sub questions is not easy. You have to think of questions that will answer only parts of your main, and all the answers combine will answer your main question.


Capstone #1 – Choosing a Topic

Picking a topic for a Capstone is not easy. You have to think about a lot of things. You need a topic that will not bore you out.  You need a topic that you don’t know to much about. You need a topic that will make you think. I choose Nike as my final topic, but at first, I wanted to do basketball. Then I wanted to do tennis, but I was really an expert on that. Nike was my third choice and I really wasn’t into that, but when I found that Nike donated to communities I was surprised. I thought that Nike only wanted to get money, so I did a lot of research and found many websites, I even found a Nike community store where I could learn more about Nike Community Impact foundation. I knew this topic would interest  me the most. That is the reason I choose Nike for my Capstone topic. I am so exited for Capstone!