My Teacher is Leaving School Early.

My teacher had to leave school early because she is having surgery. She taught me about colonial america, math, sience, social studies and ELA. I learned about why the 13 colonies declared independence from England. I did an assignment on a person which was like a biography. I learned about land and water and how that could effect the land by eroding it.

Spring Break

Soon I’m going on spring break. When I’m going on spring Break I will be going on a Disney Cruise deporting from Florida. I have been on a Disney Cruise two times. Both of the times I have been on the Cruise it was very fun. I got to go on water slides and see plays movies and play video games in the kids section. I would recommend going on a Disney Cruise.

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The Disney Cruise I am going on is called the Disney Dream. That is one of the four types of Disney Cruises. Here are all the names of the Cruises the Disney Magic, Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, and the Disney Wonder. I have already been on the Wonder and Fantasy. The Dream and Fantasy. I know that there is a huge water slide on the ship and it goes the hole way around. That will be my spring break.