Coding #3

I made my third game in Tynker. My game was called Thunder Dome PVP. This game was a Minecraft mod were you can go into Tynker’s special server and type /tythunderdome and it will transport all the players in the server into a metal dome where you battle to the death. I could not import this project to my blog because you can’t play on it. It is just a modification for a game.

Coding #2

I made my second game which was more like a project than a game. In this game you have to try all the keys on the key board and click around to see what the characters do differently. The game was really random because I was out of ideas and it seemed like something that could be fun so I tried it and it worked! I only added a few features to the game because I didn’t have much time to work on it and I really didn’t know what to do so there are only three things you can do. Here is my game down below.

Coding #1

Our teacher gave our class an assignment to make four coding games/projects. I thought this idea was really cool because it was going to be really fun. Today I edited my old game called The Cool Guy. I did this project a long time ago. I added two new levels to my game! Also since I last saw it it was twenty five views! I was really exited. I hope my next projects will be as successful as this one! Here is my game down below.

Welcome to 2016-2017

It’s a brand new school year! I’m so happy because we are doing a thing called a curiosity project which you do a poster or explain about a topic you are curios or an expert on. I am doing mine on pokemon cards. I brought in my cards too.

I am also happy because in 4th grade we are going to study colonial times. We are doing a toy theater. Isn’t that awesome? We are doing are toy theaters on colonial day.

We are doing orchestra this year and I’m playing the violin!