Capstone Share #7

Today we got to  finally share our Capstone presentations with our parents, but first we got some practice the day before.

At first, we presented in front of the other classes from Heathcote. That was like a practice run. I was really nervous on the day we presented our Capstone presentations to our  parents. I was afraid that I would mess up. We were split up into different sections of the school. I was in our classroom. I was the ninth to go and the waiting made me anxious. I all I wanted to do was get it over with. I was kind of fidgeting when I got up to present but I felt good once I finished. It was parents choice if we should stay at school or go home after our presentation. My mom chose for me to go home.

Overall, I had a great time presenting and I hope I get another opportunity to do this again.

Here is a video of my TED Talk:

Capstone #3 – Site Visit

In our Capstone we have to do a site visit, that means we have to go to a place that would teach you something about your topic. I did my site visit at a Nike Community store in Brooklyn. I learned a lot about Nike’s contributes to their community, like what they do and how they find more ways to get kids active. I learned that they volunteer in after school clubs and just make sports more fun for the kids they help. I met with the community store manager and I took a picture with her. I also learned that the community stores are factory Nike stores not So Ho Nike stores. That means that Nike apparel cost less money.