Smashburger Review

Smashburger Review
         This restaurant will make your mouth water and you will beg to come back. It has really good fast food, the service is quick, and the drinks are really good, too.

Smashburger is on Central Ave by the Ford dealer. You can have Smashburger for lunch or dinner, and I’ve been there for both meals.

The aroma is hamburgers wafting from the kitchen, which makes your mouth water. It’s not loud, and it’s very comfortable. It’s never crowded, and the service is good. It usually comes within 10 minutes. It’s never too cold or warm. The view isn’t great, but the food really makes up for it because it’s so good.

You can order from over a dozen hamburgers. There is the Classic Smash, which you can get anything on. It’s not that chewy. It’s so good that I don’t know how to describe it. It’s just amazing. You can get a smaller kids’ hamburger if you aren’t hungry. All the hamburgers come with an excellent creamy yellow sauce. You can also get a great milkshake, and a Sprite or a Coke. All the hamburgers have the taste of stake, but less chewy and juicy.

I can’t name any cons, except for that there are no bathrooms. My pros are the all the other things at Smashburger. The best pro is the fast service. It’s really fast and won’t take long. There isn’t desert, but you can literally order a milkshake and have dessert while have your lunch.

Altogether, this restaurant is really good. I would really recommend it. If you like hamburgers, french fries, and milkshakes, then this is the restaurant for you! (And I give it 5 stars.)



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