A Subway Saboteur Is Pulling Brakes Across the System, Causing Big Delays

Title: A Subway Saboteur Is Pulling Brakes Across the System, Causing Big Delays

Source: New York Times

Article Date: May 23, 2019

News Type: State

Summary: Since January, the emergency brakes on New York City subways have been being pulled for months. “There was a man spotted surfing on the back of a train. The door to the cabin on another train was breached and the brake was pulled. Another time, the safety chains on the back of a train were unhitched. Also, the culprit seems to have a key that provides access to train cabs,” according to the New York Times. And this week, there have been a number of rush-hour delays on the 2 and 3. This made the MTA declare the man doing this a “serial scofflaw.” Officers of the MTA have reported that dozens of emergency breaks on the trains have been pulled, and over 100 trains have been delayed. The police asked the public to jump in and find this guy who was sabotaging all the trains. And then on the 16th, they have video of a young man riding on the back of the train, and pulling the emergency break. Andy Byford, the MTA subway leader, said, “It’s stupid. It’s selfish. It’s dangerous. And it has to stop.” Officials said that this was not a prank. This was “endangering the subway riders”. According to the New York Times, “Subway tracks are notoriously dangerous because of the third rail, a steel column that carries 600 volts of electricity.” Now people who ride the subway must be wondering: “Is the subway sabotager going to strike again?”

Personal Response: I chose this article because I thought it was interesting, and it was the only interesting one that I could understand.

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