Rocketry: Our BIG Fail

So as you know, we are doing rocketry in science and on Monday we are having our first launch so we 3D printed our nosecones and we where getting our 3D printed nosecones today! So at first while Mrs. Boyer was talking about the nosecones we thought that everything was fine. But when we measured how wide our nosecones where, it turns out that our nosecone was too wide! When Mrs. Boyer showed us our nosecone it was hilarious!!! It was so BIG it could be a hat! Everybody in the class was cracking up. But finally we got a solution that Om would 3D print our carefully planned nosecone that we revised again. Problem solved! But still, Mrs. Boyer wanted to keep that gigantic nosecone to remind us that we can make mistakes.

Here is our gigantic nosecone:

I know, its GIGANTIC right?

Mrs. Boyer actually said that this was a good experience because we learn from our mistakes and we where all cracking up anyways so I don’t really care and I can’t wait to tell my mom.