Tech Post: #7

Yesterday in class, we worked on our switches for the game, and our solder people. Since I had already finished my solder person, I had the whole class to work on my switches. I was starting to feel a bit urgent because I had only finished one switch and tomorrow was going to be the last day we would work on it in class. So I started on my second and I got very confused because I didn’t know what I really wanted it to be like, so I thought about that for a few minutes. I then decided to make a switch that you could press down onto the tinfoil, but it was held up because on top of it was a rubber band that would make sure it doesn’t touch the tinfoil at all times. Overall I thought it was very good although the orignal cardboard base was a bit too big for the switch.

For my third, and final switch I decided to do a very similar one from somebody else’s that was in the “examples” bin. A popsicle stick was tied around the cardboard base with rubber bands. I then created a tiny rise/platform in the middle of the base so the popsicle stick could rest on the cardboard without touching the tinfoil that was on the other side (of the rise/platform). I then put tinfoil down on the other side of the platform, and all you had to do to turn on the switch, was to press down on the popsicle stick to for it to go down and touch the tinfoil on the other side.

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