Timber harvest

In the last hundred years we went from manually cutting down trees over hours or days to having big machines cutting trees in a matter of seconds, and I find this Fascinating. In the second video I watched, taking place in the 1940’s, I was glad to see that they acknowledged the great big redwoods of California and how they wouldn’t cut them all down and have reserves for them. They had to put in so much work back then but now we have tons of machines that do the work and leave like the stuff was never there. It was also surprising how fast the more modern machines work at, I would think they would have people using chain saws and stuff but those machines they used are on another level.

Table in my room

This is the table I upgraded/built around 3-4 years ago. It used to be smaller but then my dad and I upgraded it because it was getting to small for my size, so me and my dad found longer pieces of wood then carved and shaped it then removed the previous wood and replaced it with the new ones. If you see the pictures above you can see the one on top has a bigger table which is the one we worked on. It is a great comparison that I saw just today which is kinda surprising! It was great building project and it was super fun but I can’t remember all the details because it was many years ago, but I know I did the project with my dad. He helped me measure and cut the wood, but yeah! hope you guys like this post! Bye!

Passion project

My passion project is glass sculpting.

Why do you want to learn and make this?

Cuz’ it’s very cool when I observed the process in Venice, Italy.

What will you learn and make?

I will learn how to make glass sculptures and a glass turtle with many colors.

How will you make this?

Mrs. Nista or a glass class.

What should success look like to you?

Complete the making of a glass turtle with colors.