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Hey guys. So, I’m a dog lover. Not to brag but I think I know a lot about them too. I really want one myself(probably a poochon)but my I’m too busy right now so sadly I can’t☹️. But I want to share the videos of different breeds of dogs I watch sometimes. It is informational, but I enjoy it and I hope you will too. The videos are in alphabetical order, and I will be posting one every week. Here is the video of the week…

Dogs 101: Affenpinscher


Not Sure What I Should Call It Yet

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One of my passions is writing, fantasy, to be clear. So here is one of my stories. This is only part of it, I hope you enjoy! And tell me what I should call this story in comment section.

The cold air blew into the cave. It was only midnight, but I’m still awake, I looked at my family and friends, they were all sound asleep, well, except for Bark, my best friend. I met his gaze, and we tiptoed outside.

We were just starting a game of tag when we heard footsteps. At first I thought it was my pack’s footsteps, but when they got larger and bigger, is when I realized that they were a human’s footsteps, a huntsman’s footsteps. Little did I know that my life will never be the same again…….


I bared my teeth and Bark growled. As the huntsman approached us, he pointed his gun and fired. The sound echoed in my ears, I barked, then howled. I could hear the other racing towards us. The huntsman ran, I sniffed Bark, he lay still, I whimpered. He was gone. The magic had left us, it was gone. The alpha wolf, the leader of my pack came forward to Bark and howled as Bark slowly shimmered and melted into a delicate silvery star, and vanished.

The alpha wolf was very old, Bark was the beta wolf, taking the honor of alpha soon. And now, he was dead. Life in the pack soon became pointless. Hunting, eating sleeping, discussing, we never played any games, never had any races. I needed to change this.


So one day I asked for permission to search for the long lost theta wolf, so I could become the beta wolf. When I reached the alpha’s cave, it was eerily silent. There wasn’t even the sound of breathing. Wary now, I approached the entrance, and lunged! There was no one. The alpha lay in his cot lifelessly, I whimpered, it was time already?

“I know what you want,” he said. “And I give you permission.’’

And he melted into a laurel sapling and began growing once again.



Meet Storm, our main character.

I headed out early before the sun rose, I didn’t bother telling anyone, not even Bone, my brother. They would just stop me, but I was sick of life in the pack. Before I could change my mind I stepped out of the border that protected us for enemies and trotted towards the city. I was at the edge of the town when I stopped, I looked back at my pack. They were just starting to wake up, soon discovering the tragedy and my disappearance. Before I could back down, I ran at full speed into the city.

First Audition

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First Audition

Helen He

  I was silent on the car ride home. My hands still felt shaky, even though they rested by the window. Large raindrops thumped against it, while I wiped away the steam forming from my breaths. I looked back at the piano school in the distance, now blending in with the gray, cloudy  


  Just a few minutes ago: I tapped my knee, clearly feeling the nervousness creeping up into my stomach. This audition was not what I’d wanted for a Saturday morning. I slumped down even more in my chair, making me look a lot smaller. My heart was pounding, my stomach was swirling, and I was going to crack from the stress. The stress of me, messing up again. I clenched the plastic white chair, acting like it was a stress ball. My knuckles turned white, then purplish. I flashed to when I had my first informal, how I froze up in the middle of the song and restarted. I could still remember when my face burned under everyone’s stare. Then the teacher called my name.

  I flinched when I heard my name, my hands slipping from their grasps. It took me a few seconds to understand the situation. When I did I began to panic, to freak out, but I restrained myself, forcing for control. “Have fun.” My mom said as she smiled.

Yeah, “fun”, I wanted to say, but I managed my best fake smile and walked into the audition room.

  The arrangement of the room just made my worries worse. My fingers were numb, my heart was going to burst, and I felt sick to the core. Then I remembered after the informal, we had cookies and apple juice, and everybody was smiling in relief. Good times, those were. So, not completely, but relaxed enough, I went and sat down at the piano, waiting of my cue.Piano



So this is the true story of my very first audition(and as you may know, I play the piano). I hope you enjoyed my first personal narrative, there may be more coming. Feel free to comment(but please be nice)!    

Kids Short Story Connection

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Hi, I’m back. I’m actually here to advertise for one of my favorite after-school classes: The Kids Short Story Connections. At KSSC, you will meet every other Saturday with kids around your age and talk about writing. If you wrote a story, you can share it with your class and receive feedback. And if you wish, you can even get your story published in a book called Short Stories by Me, a book with lots of unique short stories by other kids in the classes! The writers need to be around age 10-17. For more information or to register, you can contact Sarah Bracey White at or visit (click on KSSC).