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Hey guys! Yesterday, me and my class went to Ellis Island. It was pretty cold, but I loved it(especially since we got to ride a coach bus there). While we were there, we took notes on immigration and Ellis Island but we also wrote six word stories. If you don’t know what a six word story is, it is pretty much 6 words that tell a story. Ernest Hemingway created the first one: “For sale: Baby shoes, never wore.” I wrote some too! Here are 4:

 Us! Great photo :)

Seperation? Oh I don’t think so .


On the ship...

In the darkness, there are candles.


Old fashioned luggage

My home, safe in my luggage.


Ellis Island from the ferry






Married a stranger just to leave.


My favorite was the second six word story but I really like the picture for the first one. Comment down bellow and tell me which one was your favorite!

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