Percy’s Warning

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I used to be(and still am a little)totally obsessed with Percy Jackson. This story was inspired by some fan fiction I saw on the internet. I only changed a bit of the details, so this belongs to its owner. It’s short, enjoy!?


“Look, I didn’t want to be a half-blood.

If you’re reading this because you think you might be one, my advice is: close this book right now. Believe whatever lie your mom or dad told you about your birth, and try to lead a normal life.

Being a half-blood is dangerous. It’s scary. Most of the time, it gets you killed in painful, nasty ways.”

I looked but from my book. The rest of the seven were just enjoying life. Annabeth was leaning on my shoulder, reading. Leo was petting Festus(don’t ask how he fits in the house). Jason and Piper were looking outside and quietly whispering to each other. Frank and Hazel were making a scrapbook. I smiled and picked up my pencil again.

Then again, I met all of my friends as a demigod. Plus…

I chuckled, and everyone stared at me.

The are worse things you could be.


(Left to right)

Octavian, Reyna, Leo, Piper, Jason, Percy, Annabeth, Frank, Hazel, Nico, and Thalia!

Another Random Story

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Hi there! So, here goes another random story. I think I shouldn’t just call these “random stories.” And these are also hard to come by because I am experiencing lack of inspiration right now. This story takes place in the world of Greek Mythology, to be clear. Sorry if it sucks, but please enjoy.


The boat moved forward sluggishly. I groaned, couldn’t we just get a better engine? Then I remembered that our repair man was thrown off the boat by some evil storm spirits. But one thought brought on another and soon, I was completely lost in my thoughts. So lost that I didn’t even notice the sirens.

Their songs reached my ears, I tried to block my ears but it was too late. Colors clouded my vision and I started to swim. I saw them, smiling back at me. Sadness overcame me. I saw my parents, happy and very much alive. Besides them were my siblings, happily playing. I saw Tanya, Berlin, Sobek, and my other friends. “Why?” I called out to them. “Why did you leave me?” But hey, I thought, I could get them back now, right? Then I felt a talon grasp my arm. That was when I realized what had happened. Though I wasn’t scared about the sirens devouring me. I was angry about why I couldn’t get my family back. But it looks like I’ll have to meet them the other way. And slowly, I felt death’s cold hands cover me and I drifted away into nothing.


Yeah, I know. Why are both of my stories sad or upsetting? I dunno, that is just how they ended up. Please give me some ideas in the comments. Thanks for reading!


Random Story

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Hi, it’s me! I know, I gotta work on better entrances. Anyway, I was bored so I just wrote a random story. Tell me how it was in the comments, thanks! BTWs, hard to believe but this story was slightly inspired by the book Raymie Nightingale. Here goes nothing…


The Fates were not nice, they are the exact opposite; cruel. I don’t know why, no one does. Maybe it’s because they see our lives as a game, just a game. Another reason to despise them.

“You know Elaine, maybe we should just let it go, let it be,” Travis suggested. “We can’t take revenge on them every single time.” There he goes again, trying to stop me. “After what he did this time?!” I yell at him, “He nearly killed me?!”

“It was just a prank, forgive and forget, right?” Sam says. “After all,” She shrugged, “this is the way of the world.” That set me off. “This is NOT the way of the world.” I said darkly.”I’ll tell you what is.” I whirled around and pointed at Travis, “you’ve always been looked up to, you don’t have the faintest idea what it’s liked to be excluded!” Next was Sam, “you are a spoiled goody-two-shoes, you have no idea how to fend for yourself!” Then came Alexa, “you’ve got everything, spirit, brains, and beauty. But you don’t look at the bad side of things, you run away from your problems!” “And you,” I snarled, “Evan Eli O’Dare. You brag and you make people feel bad, and you are always showing off your expensive stuff. You make me sick, all of you.”

The emotions I’ve bottled up have finally been realized. My chair flew backward and landed with such a loud bang, even I barely managed to not jump. “Goodbye forever!” And I stormed out of the room. I hoped I would never see those faces again, and I never did.


Interesting the way it turned out right? I dunno, not my best, but I thought it had a little symbolism in it. Anyway, see ya late!?


The Winter Games!

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Hi peeps! So every year, the 5th graders from my school do a 3 day all sports-and-other-fun-stuff “streak.” That is called the Winter Games. Now I’m not going into the history or details. But basically, it’s where we play sports all day long and cheer for your team. The teams are North, East, South, and West, I am in East. So we will earn points while we play, and whichever team has the most points on the last day wins! Guess who won, East! Go East!

Anyway, one of my favorite moments of the Winter Games is definitely when we where playing the actual sports. Like jump rope, for example. I didn’t make it on the “leader board” but East still got first. But I really like that moment because it was so much fun. I wrote it as a small vignette, here it is, enjoy and tell me how it was in the comments:

The whistle blew. My arms and feet reacted before my brain could and I started to bounced up and down rhythmically. Snap, snap, snap. I kept going, feeling all my energy fill into mostly my arms. Snap, snap, snap. I was smiling. I like jump roping, and exercise always made me happy. Snap, snap, snap. But after minute, I began to feel sore numbness invade my arms and wrists. No! I thought, give me another half a minuet! But the soreness continued growing until I thought I couldn’t swing anymore. “10 seconds!” The coach called. It’s almost over, I thought, this is once in a lifetime, make the best of it. So I managed one last burst of energy. Snap, snap, snap,  and the whistle blew. Sure, I didn’t make it on the leader board. But I was still very proud. “And Helen with 153 jumps!”



Video of the Week

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Yeah, is it just me or I feel like I do the Video of the Week more than my other categories? I think I probably do. Anyway I’ll try to post more of other stuff too, but this “keeping a blog updated at least weekly” is harder than it looks. That’s probably I end up with a bunch of Videos of the Week. But anyway(again)enjoy the video!

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