Video of the Week

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Hi guys! Before I get to the video, I found a totally EPIC easter egg about Percy Jackson!? Anyway, what you need to do is:

  1. Go to Google Translate
  2.  Type in English: Will Percy Jackson die
  3. Translate to Greek
  4. Copy and paste the Greek answer and translate it back to English
  5. Be AMAZED!??

Now, video time!

Dogs 101: Beagle 

The Sholatine Challenge

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Hi! Today we have a challenge! I really hope this turns out well, I’ve never made a challenge before. Anyway, rules are simple, enjoy!


Objective: Guess the 2 people. I know, both are Roman (I’m a greek fan), deal with it!


  1. You cannot use the internet unless absolutely needed.
  2. You must comment on both me AND Thais’s blog (It’s in The Sholatine tab).
  3. When you comment, tell us your name and who you figured out (please no cheating).
  4. Do NOT look at the comments until you are done with the challenge
  5. Have fun!?

Hints (person #1):

  • Her name in Latin means she-wolf
  • She is a wolf goddess
  • Name starts with L


Hints (person #2):

  • He is the king of wolves in Roman Mythology
  • He used to be a cruel king, transformed by Zeus
  • Name also starts with L


There you go! The challenge is open until 3/26/2017, comments after that are not used. The ones that have completed this task will get a character in our story! Precisely, if you guess person #1, you get a character. If you guess person #2, you get a character that survives to death match. Hope you liked the challenge! See ya!??

Sadly, I didn’t draw that. All rights go to its owner.


The Sholatine

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Hey guys! Not gonna say much, my imagination is already completely used up (I wrote at least 3 1/2 pages today). So going right to the topic, I changed the Sample Page into Other Blogs because… I dunno, I just did. And also, I add a new page called The Sholatine! I liked it better than the wolf story (sorry if you really loved that story?)so I gave it a page. Also because it was too long for a post and it was still work in progress. I wrote the story with my friend Thais. She wrote Avery’s P.O.V, while I wrote Emmaline’s. Please check it out and comment! Love ya all, peace!?


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Hello, people! Here’s another story written by me (the snowy beast symbolizes something). Hope you like it. Please give me some ideas in the comments, thanks again! Here it comes:


Run! That was the only thing I could do. I ran as the snowy beast chased after me. I dodged trees and jumped over streams. Running and running. It’s been months, still running. I was dead on my feet, the monster was as energized as ever. Could I outrun it? The snow was closing in. I knew in my heart that I couldn’t run away, but I ignored it and kept going. That was the only thing I could do. Run.