The Sholatine

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Hey guys! Not gonna say much, my imagination is already completely used up (I wrote at least 3 1/2 pages today). So going right to the topic, I changed the Sample Page into Other BlogsĀ because… I dunno, I just did. And also, I add a new page calledĀ The Sholatine! I liked it better than the wolf story (sorry if you really loved that story?)so I gave it a page. Also because it was too long for a post and it was still work in progress. I wrote the story with my friend Thais. She wrote Avery’s P.O.V, while I wrote Emmaline’s. Please check it out and comment! Love ya all, peace!?

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    • Addie… you know where the tabs are? Underneath the sign Helen’s Blog, there’s Home, Other Blogs, and The Sholatine. You click The Sholatine!

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