Leap Year War

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Quick story, sorry about no video yesterday… Anyway, this is just a short story about if vampires went to war against werewolves. Enjoy!?

The full moon of February 29 was approaching rapidly, that meant the Leap Year War was approaching, too. Every leap year, there would be a war of vampires against werewolves. Lycaon, the king werewolf, pacing nervously, looked out at the full moon. Lydia, his daughter, walked calmly up to him.

“We have tonight, at the least,” she reported. “The vampires would try to attack in daylight to avoid the moon.”

The old king sighed wearily, “Are the runners ready?”


“The warriors?”


The king of wolves nodded but was still frowning, “I heard the vampires have bitten children this year.”

Lydia gasped, “but that’s against the Ancient Laws!”

“What do you expect?” Lycaon growled, “vampires do not play… fair.”

“What can we do?” Lydia snarled.

The king looked older than ever, “nothing.”

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