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Hello, everyone! I have an awesome story idea so I’m gonna write it for you! Yeah… so… enjoy. I really don’t have anything else to say. Please comment and tell me if you liked it.

Not her. It wasn’t her that saved Jamie; it was me. I was Jamie’s best friend, I grew up with her, went to the scary therapist with her, and played with her when no one else would. But those days were too good to last, she forgot me. When she turned 7 she started playing with some other girl, and I was left in the dust. Forgotten. When she was 7, she still talked with me, but she was distant, more and more with every year. I started hating Jamie’s birthdays, but she grew without me; 7, 8, 9. Today was the day of her 10th birthday. I was left, still, at age 7, she was all grown up, double digits. I dreaded, feared, and was terrified of this day. I watched as my happy, joyful Jamie blew out her candles, I watched as she opened her presents, and watched as she stared into the sky and its stars. I watched as she fell asleep, never even bothering with me. Forgotten. I was becoming more and more transparent by the minute. And when midnight struck, I was gone. Forgotten. The pain, knowing that I wasn’t real, knowing that I was only an imaginary friend to Jamie. I was forgotten. Faded.

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  1. Awesome post it sounds like a great story and you set the mood which was sadness good job. Just make it sound happier

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